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Yacht Maintenance Plans

Start to Finish. One-Stop. Complete Oversight. Full Send.

Our industry professional insight has long been needed for complete resource management and quality control before, during, and after your yacht splashes its first waters. We look forward to working with you to create your ideal yacht program.


Keep Your Yacht in Like-New Condition for as Long as Possible! 

We formulate, create, and provide detailed and specific yacht maintenance schedules to ensure preventative maintenance is being kept up with. Just follow the guidelines tailored for your yacht. Yacht maintenance periods can be easily managed and edited for streamlined yard periods.

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How Often Do I...


Clean the Teak

Golden Brown teak is beautiful to look at and improves the aesthetics of your yacht. Left uncleaned and treated, it can develop stains, mold, and discoloration that negatively change how a boat looks. Dirty teak invokes the idea that the whole boat is not being maintained. It is one of the first things noticed about the yacht.


Clean the Main Sea Strainers

These main strainers connect all the raw water components on board to draw from the same water source, thus, only one strainer for all systems attached. However, left unchecked, the clogs will start to affect multiple systems..."Oh no! My engine is overheating, and my AC stopped working?!!!!" 


Change Water Filters

Dockside water filters are great in theory. They clean the water coming in to the boat. However, if the filters are not changed regularly, they may be causing further issues to the boat's fresh water system. Avoid the smells, change filters!

KN filter.JPG

Clean Engine K&N Air Filters

This engine is yelling "Help! I can't breathe!" Give your engine proper air flow and stay on top of this maintenance item before your filters look this.


Clean AC Sea Strainers

If your strainer has live mangrove trees growing in's time to clean them! Preferably before it gets this bad!!


Flush AC system Barnacle Buster

This varies from yacht to yacht depending on what waters it spends most of its time. At a minimum, a monthly flush will ensure lines remain clear for the AC to work best.

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