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Yacht Maintenance

Comprehensive yacht management from a Captain's perspective. Most yacht management companies look at individual systems and issues with a "whack-a-mole" approach, constantly billing out time & energy towards vessel items that are occuring now. 

Our approach takes operational readiness for the future and best yacht performance to the lead in planning our yacht keeping programs.


Engine Room Preventative Maintenance

Sea Strainer Cleanouts, Racor Fuel Filter Changes, K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Oil, Watermaker Filter changing, Fluid & Filter levels added or replaced, engine room organization, routine maintenance schedules, Main engine lube oil & filter & belt changes, Generator oil/filter changes, Pre-Trip preventative maintenance. 


Helm electronics startups & checks

Our comprehensive electronics checks will startup and operate the full yacht controls to identify whether any electronics are not working. Chartplotters, Manual & Auto Pilot Steering, Bow-thrusters, Stabilizers, VHF radios & MMSI programming, Spotlight controls, cameras, remote generator panels, trim tab switches, etc.


Racor Fuel Filter

Vital Fuel-Water Separators require that filters are changed regularly and the bowl is clean and free of debris. This often gets overlooked until it severely affects engine performance. Can cause engines to shut off unexpectedly.



Safety Items on board include your EPIRB and your EPIRB registration and critical expiration dates. "It's a good idea to make sure this stuff is up to date before going to sea." Your yacht is registered and confirmed with


Fire Suppression Systems

Safety Items on board also includes your automatic fire suppression systems. This and your portable hand held fire extinguishers have critical expiration dates. "It's a good idea to make sure this stuff is up to date before going to sea." Your yacht's emergency response plan is looked at and it's fire suppression devices are brought current and put on schedule. 

Yacht SOP

Yacht Standard Operating Procedures

This often overlooked element of a comprehensive yacht program is misunderstood, not created, or put on the Captain who never has time to develop and roll out. The SOP is a page taken from our Fire Service background that has tremendous value to the yacht. Highly customized for each yacht. 

Yacht Regulation Manuals

Yacht Regulation Manuals

Yacht Regulation Manuals spell out in black & white how and what crew members are to expect for daily duties, ship activities underway and at port, dress codes, leave policies, etc. It addresses the human resources questions that arise when managing crew aboard. Customized for each yacht.

Captain's Inspections & Sea Trials

Start to Finish. One-Stop. Complete Oversight. Full Send.

Our industry professional insight has long been needed for complete resource management and quality control before, during, and after your yacht splashes its first waters. We look forward to working with you to create your ideal yacht program.

Your Vessel is Regularly Inspected by a USCG licensed Captain.

To ensure and document ongoing maintenance to keep your vessel ready for sea time, we offer customized plans to account for your vessel's operational systems.  For instance, routinely cleaning & flushing your AC raw water sea strainer, checking battery charging systems to ensure proper voltages, checking lube oil & coolant levels, running main engines & generators on load, powering up helm electronics, and verifying VHF radios are working, testing fresh water pumps to ensure water runs on the boat, testing ice makers, refrigerators, and appliances, checking lines, fenders, and shore power cables for operation, condition, and neatness, vessel registrations and fire and life safety certifications. If a problem arises, you will be notified before upcoming trips.  Someone has to take of it if the vessel does not have a full-time Captain. 

 Accredited Marine Surveyors and industry professional are put to work on your behalf to remedy vessel findings once issues are brought to owner's attention and prior approval. Negative findings create a punch list that is used to rectify prior to yacht outings.

Captain's Inspections are carried out according to what it would take to get the boat off the dock and operate her safely for owner's experience and expectations. All done thru the eyes of a Captain, not a wash crew or a specialty niche contractor, but whole boat approach and oversight.

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