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Freelance Marine Group's #YachtBlog

Greeting fellow Yachties, Yacht Owners, and Yachting Industry Professionals! If you are like us, you just want to know more information about our industry, meet other industry contacts, to thrive and to enjoy the many benefits this industry has to offer.

So, it is with sincere hope and a spirit of giving back that we aim to share quality information to Yacht Crew, Yacht Owners, and the Yacht Industry Professionals that will also benefit from this #YachtBlog. Enjoy, and please share info on topics if you think it will benefit others!

Get the Yacht Information you Need...

While seeking info on a specific yacht topic, we noticed how scattered much of the needed yacht information is. So, we, here at Freelance Marine Group, are making effort to create and share resources that will benefit our industry as a whole.

Share Information with the Yachting Industry

Crew members often struggle to find adequate resources on how to fix something, where to find something, who to call for something, or what to do about something. Information on social media often gets lost in the digital soup of comments and memes, leaving many without the answer or advice they seek. Often times, the same questions get asked...

What sorts of topics would you like to know, read about, or share with others?

Subscribe if the following hashtags are on your radar:

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